New guy with ram problem.

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:big_smile: I'm absolutely new here (I joined because I have no one i can bounce ideas off of because my friends are more musicians then geeks where as I'm both [more geek]) and I need some help. (Let me know if I'm breaking rules or what not all input welcome because I would love to be an active member of this forum.)

Introduction aside; I have a problem.

I'm in the midst of rebuilding my desktop into a music recording pc for my band and myself. I bought a 1G CSX ram card (PC3200 DIMM 400mhz DDR) just as recommended by the site. I did not buy the card from Crucial I bought it from a generic brand off (mistake?) Well when I have it installed into either of my memory slots the computer will start up but nothing comes on the screen or anything you just here the fans and the hard drive and after about 30-60 seconds that dreaded blue screen clicking noise begins. I've tried the card in both slots and I have tried it without the either stick which is a 512mb stock card (that runs 384mb?) What could the possible problems be?

My comp is:
EMachines W3107
AMD 3100+ Sempron
1.81ghz 384Ram
Windows XP Vers. 2002 SP3
NVIDIA GeForce 6100
As well as:
a SB Live! PCI sound car and
a Belkin USB 2.0 5-port PCI card

:star: Remember I'm pretty new at this (but not a n00b just learning) so jargen might be too much (LOL) but let me know if you need more info.
Does it work with the RAM not installed?

If so then you have a dead RAM stick. You could also run memtest on the RAM to see if it is good. Just google Memtest and you'll find their website. They give you a download which you'll have to burn to a CD using a program like infrarecorder that will actually burn the image to the CD. At that point it will start testing the memory before anything else loads.
Well I have a 512 stock stick in right now that works... fine. (i hesitate because it only claims to put out 384mb. wth?) and i cant test the stick because it cannot be plugged in. The whole point is I can't boot with it plugged in.
No, he'll like ME! :lol:

But, anywhoo, I had bad RAM before, and had to RMA quite a few sticks that weren't working, but when they got back, they worked to this day :)
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