new graphics card problem

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Graphics card isnt compatible

Ok so I went out and bought a bfg GeForce 6600 GTOC. U know the pci express one. Only problem is, i was such a dumbass and once I got it only did I realize that my motherboard isnt compatible with it since its pci express. So my question is, should I buy a new motherboard which is compatible with this, or find a new graphics card. Either way, could u guys recommend anything? By the way, i need a graphics card that will perform well while playing games like Battle Field 2, Half-Life 2, and Doom 3.
Send it back and try and get your money back. Call BFG and tell them what happened and it hasn'tbeen used just opened. They Shouldn't have a problem with it.


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Spending some extra money on a PCI-E motherboard might not be a bad idea. PCI-E has tons more bandwidth than AGP does, and it'd give you more room to update in the future.