New GPU and RAM questions


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I just got some new ram and a gpu and I want to make sure I can use it before I attempt to.

For the ram I have one stick of Samsung 1GB 2rx8 pc2-4200e-444-12-03, and one stick of HP 512mb 1rx8 pc2-3200r-333-11-a0

So I'm wondering can I mix the two?
What type of ddr is the first stick? (the 2nd one says ddr2 on it)
I can't find any info on these or on the gpu.
I have an Intel Celron CPU.

On the GPU it has nvidia stenciled on it. It also says "asus" and "model: cardinal" but I can't find anything about it anywhere.
My computer only has regular PCI slots in it.
And if anyone knows this card, would it be better than my Radeon 9250?


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They're both DDR2, but the second one looks like it's a different speed grade, and I don't normally recommend mixing RAM types. I know some folks don't have any problems, but if you notice any instability, take a stick out.

If you want full details on the system and it's running OK, get Speccy - System Information - Free Download and install it, then post a screenshot of the summary window.