New Google Cyber Attack Details Emerge

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New Google Cyber Attack Details Emerge

Back In January Google revealed information about a cyber attack that had been carried out against the company. The information released at that time were scarce but the impact was huge as it made Google rethink its Chinese market strategy when it became clear that China was behind the attacks.
No information was provided how the attack was carried out. Google back then believed that the intention of the attackers was to access Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.
An article in the New York Times yesterday revealed additional information about the attack.
Speculation I've heard from a friend and business associate that contracts factories in China said that the Chinese Government might have been after more than even this NYT article supposes.

China knew Baidu was king before they hacked Google. If I was the Chinese Government and I ran Baidu I wouldn't give two craps about any passwords or anything else.

I'd want their search algorithm. The Chinese Government is notorious for exploiting mainland businesses, stealing their patents and IP and running it as a profitable Motherland Business - while the sad entrepreneur goes back to the rice paddy.
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