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Hi, All I am looking to build my first game machine. What I am looking for is opions on which processor, motherboard,ram video card, ect. My budget is around 1000. I have a decent monitor and my existing P2 400 will become my server. Any opinion on various configurations would be of great help. I am in no rush to build this but would like a game players opinion on a system that will not only play games but handle my soho applications. Thanks for your help.

I highly disagree with that statement. the GeForce series is definitely falling behind and is losing value.

Consider this...

A 128mb geForce4 ti4600 that is compatible with an 8x agp slot runs for $230.

The ati radeon 9500 pro, which is the budget version of the 9700 pro, is equal to or better than the ti4600 (and in some cases the 4800) and only costs $178. It is also DirectX9 compliant, to boot. So you'll be able to run all those nexgen games (such as Doom3, November 17th!!) without any hitches.

I've also never been much of a Soyo fan. I am definitely liking the nForce2 chipset. Asus has a mean one (a7n8x) and if you're looking for something highly overclockable I'd recommend the Epox 8rda+.

512mb of low latency ddr ram is a pretty good amount to shoot for. I'd recommend either corsair or crucial.

If you go with both the nforce2 board and the corsair ram, get twinx modules (low latency modules tested for dual channel use).
I highly recommend Radeon 9500 Pro's over Ti 4200's or even Ti 4800's, but a beefy power supply is needed - a good quality one of 400 watts or higher isn't too expensive these days, however.
Again, I wouldn't recommend the geForce FX. The heatsink/pci slot fan they have on that card sounds like a dustbuster.

unless you want your pc to sound like a small aircraft, that is.
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