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Ok, I read the sticky in this forum about a gaming computer in the 800-1000$ range and I thought it was pretty decent but I have already selected parts for my own and wanted to see what you guys who know more about it think. I want a Quad Core processor for my machines viability it the future, 4gb of ram so just incase i actually ever use it past 2gb (can that happen and what programs?), I picked out what I thought is a killer graphics card but I need some guidance on it.






DVD Drive:


And my OS is

I went with that processor because it was only 10$ more than the 2.5 or .6 i was getting originally.

Mobo is just some random combo item that i selected with it.

RAM- Selected that in the combo page too but got it because i hear decent things about OCZ and wanted 4gb in two sticks. Plus I think the silver would look good in the case.

GPU... I picked this one because of its core clock is 771mhz and memory clock. They both seem to be faster than most 9800GT's and even as fast as the gt260 i think. Is this a good buy or is Newegg BSing on that?

The rest of the stuff was also added through the combo menu but more specifically because of its price. I've read a few reviews here and there and Ive seen the radeon 4500 series get beaten by nvidia a lot so i kind of have a bad vibe for that brand. Ive also always used nvidia. Tell me what you think and what FPS this machine will be able to achieve playing games like crysis, WoW: WOTLK, Far cry 2, and mass effect 3. Thanks for your input. If the one mentioned in the sticky is way better then this (which im sure it is), please give me insight as to why. I would like to know what specific minor details make each part faster and better. Also, Does that hard drive hook up properly to the mobo? Im not sure how exactly that goes. Thanks again!

EDIT: Added invidual URLs of parts, hope they work now.