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i just bought a sohoware 10/100 pci adaptor sfa110a Version 3.0R. I have Windows Xp OS. It says that the drivers come with the OS but it doesnt show under the add new hardware that it is installed and i was wandering if anyone knew where i can get the drivers for xp so that i can install the ethernet card. Help if you can. I would very apperciate it.
Does it show them in device manager under Network Adapters?
you don't need to use the add hardware thing. When you first install the card and turn the computer on xp should notice that it is there and automatically install the drivers.
remove the NIC if Found in DEVICE MANAGER,,

then remove the card from the PC,, reboot,, without the NIC in,,

let the machine start,, then power down normally,,

then re-insert card,, try a different slot too,, then reboot machine,,

As Stated ,, the Hardware wizard should find this automatically and install drivers to run the card,, SOHO is not an unknown vendor,, so it should find it,,

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