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Alright iv never ran something like this. We just got a new comp because we got a good deal on it. Its pentium d,256 ram. Iv never ran a desktop with pentium d and never ram a computer with 256mb of ram. What do I have to expect? Will the diference be very big from my pentium 4, 2.21ghz desktop?

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well, it depends on what you are doing, really. how much ram did your old computer have? because all i know id that there is a HUGE difference between 256mb and 512mb.


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Yeah, I believe the Pentium D processor is dual cored so you can do a lot more multitasking, and gaming might improve a bit. Overall you'll see greater performance than the older P4.


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If your old one had 256MB as well then you are going to see a great increase in performance and speed because like 'Perfect' said it is dual core and that will equate to better multitasking. However if this 256MB of RAM is less that what your old computer has (disregarding differences in memory speeds) then you probably won't see a huge difference because memory plays a large role in being able to multitasking and operate programs with a great deal of efficiency. If you really want to see a performance boost, put in a gig of RAM and just watch your computer fly (not literally lol). It is quite amazing actually :)

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Wait, what?

Your gettin this for 100 dollars? So then get it because it ounds nice, and put in another 512 stick.