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Very nice price and features like PCI-Express i thought this would be a great buy, but a friend told me that getting a AMD-64 was pointless, considering the current OS's don't support 64-bit? A-Power
Even thought most OS's don't support 64-bit, AMD still have the performance advantage over Intel, so dont listen to what he says.

Also try get an 400Watt power supply to be safe.
The AMD Athlon 64 CPU's will be even better in the future when applications begin fully utilizing the 64-bit capabilities. Right now for gaming, the AMD 64's are the way to go because their architecture is superior in 32-bit mode.
Yip there is windows 64bit out now the final one and it doesnÂ’t seem to have much problems as the beta one.

I can most defiantly tell you there is an performance increase using 64bit windows.
but a friend told me that getting a AMD-64 was pointless

First off, slap your friend.

Secondly, a mid-range AMD-64 will out perform a high end P4 on any game, at a lower price.

Although Microsloth has pushed out a 64-bit version of Windows, the MAD-64s run perfectly fine on the regular version.

Looks like it will be a nice rig.
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