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I just upgraded my computer to a p4 2.6ghz processo but it didn't go without problems. I can't seem to get the os fully loaded. I have tried 4 different os disks and they all don't work. It will start loading the os but then there are a bunch of files that it can't copy to the hard drive.
I haven't tried this with win XP but I know with Win 98SE you can copy the 'win98' directory to the hard disk and install from there. I suggestion is to do just that with xp but I don't know if the partitions need to be changed or not. If the HD need to be repartitioned you will lose all the data that you copied and you'd be back to square one.

Good luck.
What is your PS wattage rating? If it isn't high enough it could cause the CD drive to stop in the middle of accessing. That happened to me a year or two ago.
It may also be that the HD has bad sectors.. or that there is something wrong with the CD Drive.. or perhaps IDE controller problems.
I have came to the conclusion that my processor is bad. With my old motherboard and processor i can load xp just fine and with my new motherboard and a different processor i can load xp just fine. Thanks for your help though. It was greatly appreciated.
Processor brand don't really matter - attempting to overclock one of those classic Slot A Athlon's a while back resulted in the HDD data becoming corrupted, forcing a reinstall of the OS.
i might be able to get a 2.8 ghz p4 to replace the 2.6 ghz p4 at no cost since the p4 2.8 is the only other processor that my cousin has laying around the store.
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