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I am going to be building a new computer for my dad. All he really does is email, surf the web, and word processing. The components are listed as follows.
Athlon XP 2000+
Win XP
52x cd-rom
300 watt psu
256mb ddr pc 2100
Maxtor 40gb hard drive
TNT 32mb AGP videocard

A cd-rw will be add later on. The videocard is only because the motherboard doesn't have onboard video and i am getting it dirt cheap.
Thats cool.. but if all he is using it for is email, surfing and word, then you could get away with alot less.
i don't want to downgrade the processor cuz i have a few extra xp 2000+ sitting around my room
thats a nice PC for checking email.. I use my PowerBook for video editing (or will anyway, just got it yesterday) and it only has the specs below. Well, Macs are always slower then PCs.!!! Macs should use Intel Processors!
Ahh.. well if they are just sitting around then by all means..

Thats all my dad does too and he still uses his old Intel Celeron 433.. YAY!!
Thats a good PC there for what your dad uses. Don't downgrade because he'll need a new pc sometime in the future so just keep him up to date at the moment. 40Gig hard drive is good, nothing less just to be safe..

Good specs all in all, not great video card, not too big of a hd...its perfect!
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