New Comp. Internet Connection


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Hi, i just recently built a computer and would like to know how to setup a cable internet connection. I currently have a Motorola cable modem connected to a lynksis wireless router. When i tried to connect the ethernet cable previously connected to my old comp to my new comp.; my new comp. didn't detect an internet connection. I have already tried using the router and modem software, which didn't work.


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Can you ping the router address from your new pc? Is your new computer set to automatically obtain ip address? Was your cable modem and router set up and working with your old pc prior to building your new pc? Is your old pc still available and can you connect to the internet with it?

Is your router issuing DHCP addresses? Have you tried rebooting your cable modem and router? Typically, when restarting your cable modem, you have to unplug the power cable and undo the coaxial cable. Also, unplug the ethernet line from cable modem to router. Plug the coaxial cable in after 30 secs. or so, then plug the power cord back in. Meanwhile, unplug the power cord to your router & power down your computer ... they will need to be off during the rebooting of the cable modem. Watch the status lights of the modem. When they return to normal, plug in the ethernet line connecting modem to router. Plug in power cord to router and wait for the status lights to return to normal. Restart your computer.

If this doesn't work, let us know. Perhaps you need to re-configure your router, but if it was working with your old pc, it should be fine.

The problem you described is a bit general and has lots of variables involved. We need to start narrowing things down to where exactly the problem lies. Right now it could be either the cable modem, the router, the computer, or a combination of the 3.