New Build...Still ?'s...3200+ or Opteron?!?!? thx


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K guys here is my list so far (none of it ordered):

Amd 3200+ 2.0ghz

eVGA nforce4 sli mobo (not changing)

eVGA 7600gt 256mb 128bit 580core/1500memory (prolly best for its price)

Cruicial Ballistix 1gb (512x2) dual channel ddr400 (later sell and get 2x1gb)

Creative Soundblaster Audigy (this should give me a couple more fps right?)

Hitachi Deskstar Sata 3gb/s 80gb 8mb cache 7k (not changing)

Antec TruepowerII 550watt Sli Support

Antec Solution Case Black (now this is cheap/ i dont want a big flashy case...also seems to have good ventilation and a good build)

Also may get this gaming mouse because mine is almost broken from abuse :D
Razer Diamondback Precision Gaming Mouse

Cost:730...w/o mouse 700...what do u think...also will be for bf2..hl2..and games of the sort

now about the opteron vs. i have heard opteron's can overclock much further then a 3200+...but rnt they was the one i was thinking about since it would have the 10x multiplyer
which one do u guys suggest...3200+ or Opteron 146

K now back to RAM...should i spend 90 dollars on 2x512mb or just buy a 1gb stick and buy another one later...they will still be exact matches right???also should i look at ocz or the 1gb stick???...also should i look into ddr500 sticks so i could oc???

Now will that soundblaster even though its cheap still help me with a couple frames???

ok now further into the future this thing is already good for sli and another 2x7600gt...and 2gb dual channel....but...whould the processor not keep up...or would the opteron do fine??? thx :D....or should i just look at a 3400+ since it should have a higher mulitplyer??? thx :D
Opterons can overclock much better...and they're just awesome! But if you have the cash, I'd get the dual core opteron! Venus core :) socket 939


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hmmm...k thx...but r opteron's better overall compared to the 3000's..(3000-3800)...i mean like i know they have a 1mb cache over a 512kb...but what are some other pluses??? thx...also r opteron's newer or older


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thx man...good article...umm do u have a 3200+ or opteron??...also what about the soundcard? and ram? thx....yeh i think im stickin with the opteron :D
I have a 3000+...wish I had gotten an opteron..

Soundcard? A soundcard isn't going to give you more frames per second...a sound card deals with sound and sound only.

RAM? crucial ballistix is great ram, and 1gb is pretty good, 2gb will be great.


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yeh well some people say that it takes a little bit of a load of the mobo so it can help speed things up a bit ...thx :D


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yeh i play on oc'ing....people have gotten them to go from 2.5 to past 3.0ghz :D..also its going to be a gaming computer...later on if i have it oc'd to at least 2.7 and have 2x7600gt's ...and 2gb dual channel ddr500...will it be bottlenecking??? thx :D