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ok so i hooked up everything correctly to the mobo and double, triple check if everything was ok, so i turned on computer and on the POST LCD it showed "FF" and nothing would show up on the monitor, and i couldnt turn off the computer by the power button so i had to turn it off by the psu. PLEASE help me, tell me if the mobo is malfunctioning or if its any of the stuff i have added to it here's the list of things i have on it:

MOBO: ECS A785GM-M Black series
RAM: DDR3 Kingston 1gb ram
CPU: AMD Phenom ii X2 550 @ 3.1 ghz 7.0 MB of cache
Just so you know, you can still turn it off with the power button, you just have to hold it for a few seconds. I can't imagine pulling the plug does the hardware any good.

Do you have the manual for the mobo? It should say in there what FF means.

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yeah i held down the power button but it didnt work, i think the mobo is malfunctioning cus i dont hear a beep, and i am 1000000% sure i have the right cpu and everything is compatible, and "FF" is not in the mobos guide, im going to buy a new mobo probably a Gigabyte
ECS A785GM-M Motherboard Review | Hardware Secrets

"Another problem we faced with this motherboard is that it would stop turning on out of the blue. We'd try turning on, the POST display would lit “FF” for a fraction of a second and then the power supply would shut down. We requested a second sample from the manufacturer, which suffered from the same problem."

so it seems to be a mobo problem. not sure what you're supposed to do though, the review doesn't mention anything on what to do if this occurs.

try just restarting it, i guess.
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