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Hey everyone looking for suggestions on this first official build im going to start in the next month. I'm looking for any upgrades to make it more powerful or downgrades to save money and have more power as in if i can get a better part for cheaper.

Do you guys prefer ATI? nVidia? asus gigabyte xfx what? Let me know please, thanks :)

Thanks to all that comment please no trolls im just looking for some assistance this will be my first build.

Here are the parts i am getting i already have the HDD and Case

Processor // Motherboard:

Video Card:

I'm going to be buying 2 of these for crossfire


Power Supply:

Cpu Fan:

I think the total came to about 1300$

Thanks again for any advice!
All your links aren't working :)

As a guideline, get:

an i7 920 (or 930) cpu
a 5870 Gfx card
a 600W Power Supply
a 6x2Gb 1600Mhz ram set
a TRUE, Megahalems, Sunbeam, or Noctua cooler

edit: also, you may want to check out
Hey thanks for the info, i re-posted the links so hopefully they are viewable now. Let me know what you think please :) and any upgrades or downgrades let me know :D
I would get a 5870 rather than crossfire 5770, yes it cost some extra but its worth it. Crossfire with two lower cards means your performance relies on support for upcoming games and driver releases, you should consider this. The xfire is only a bit better than a single 5850 anyway, so it's probably better to grab one of those and think about Xfiring them in the future when you need to.

Also forget the TEC cooler, it was short lived cooler, it was better then coolers when released but now i'm sure a TRUE 120/ noctua d-14 or cogage arrow could beat it and some. Grab a Venomous X with a decent 120mm fan and you'll get great temps.
you made your point at the beginning of your post baron but you lost me at the last part.. maybe im tired and didnt read it right lol

Soul fire thanks for the info i posted that but apparently it didnt post. thanks though i appreciate it
Oh okay i will look into that. Question, what do you think is better Core i7 cpu or a amd black bird at 3.2 ghz x4?
For people in the future who post and help dont be afraid to be mean call me a moron if im getting the wrong stuff. i want all opinions AMD INTEL ATI nVIDIA let me know !!!!
Are you talking about a cpu in the HP blackbird gaming computer? because i have never heard of a amd blackbird cpu. But either way, the intel lineup is superior the current AMD lineup of processors in the high-end market. No x4 will beat the i7 920/930. But for gaming you wont see a huge difference as its more dependent on your video card.
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