New Build. Change Anything?

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im actualy from germany i live in the us haha. TD just happens to be where kids at my school get comp parts and im just used to looking there....
anyway ok i will go with the 7200.11 and i will look into one of the psu's people have submitted


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that psu = beast!
also i think he's canadian since his links are tigerdirect
and get the 500gb 7200.11 barracuda its faster

his were which is US... but I would only buy 2 things from them: a. the Ultra Aluminus Case
b. The 8800gt (because its hte only place that still has it in stock right now)

or if its cheaper than Newegg (which is kinda rare)


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eh i keep forgetting theres a TD in the US
but theres a reason we usually don't recommend stuff from there when the egg has it in stock....prices :laughing:


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just make sure it will by sizing and reading everything very closely- sometimes the tubing and stuff doesnt fit in- it needs to be free not smushed against everything. If its smushed and the fluid starts flowing- chances are its going to pop loose some where since its all crammed in.

theres a water cooling guide- and lots of others if you look- to help on here.

oh and.. most everyone just uses fans and heatsinks on here- they cool really well- some even better then the low end liquid cooling- its all how you set your fans up- intake- exhausts and vents, air needs to flow in- over/through the hot parts- then out as fast as possible- anytime it "jumbles' in there it can actually make things hotter and worse.

I read a cooling guide a while back (wish I could remember the link) that did 1 case with like 13 fan combos- turns out using EVERY fan- made things HOTTER. I believe they ended up using 1 intake of 120mm size, then a rear exaust- 80 mm i think and the side fan of 80mm and a top vent so the gap between the cdrom and the psu would vent (it got dangerously hot there- it was the Sidewinder case i think- they just CUT a vent in and it lowered the temp in that area 10degrees (a fan made things worse) and the overall temp of the computer dropped by like 3)

and I have a question on wattage- wont a lower wattage psu save him in electrical bills? I mean.. probably just slightly.. maybe not at all since wattage higher.. but yea.. just a thought.

1k w psu just sounds to me like "hey electric company Iam starting a mini city"
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