New Apple iPods.

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I want a new Apple iPod sooooooo bad. I really have no money to spend right now. The smallest one, the 10g will be fine for me running at like 299 bucks. The new ones are so sleek and sweet. (shhhhhh.... If I get one theres no way that I am using Apple's music service. I think I will stick t Kazaa or something. Apple will never know. shhhh)
Waste of money IMHO. I would rather buy a Rio or something. (Only cause it's cheaper though.)
I just got a new iPod. It's great. After a few initial problems getting it to work with XP (I use Windows) it works fine. It is very easy to rip CDs with Musicmatch software, and the Firewire works great and is very fast to download music to it.
IPOD's Rule...... I think it's best to use Itunes to get the songs onto your IPOD, since I had problems with MUSICMATCH (kept giving multiple artist entrys)...
I ordered a mini one a couple weeks ago and it hasn't come yet; I think they're backordered. But I'll let you know how it is when I get it. :)
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