New Animations and Tips/Advice (dark minds only)


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Yes, all services offered in the video are legit and professional. The Video speaks volumes and so should you!
I have taken an oath to make sure those at a loss or setback in their fitness/nutrition routine can discover new ways to 'rise above'.

As an extremely knowledgeable resource, Area-1255 is essentially the leader of it's kind of innovation. Area-1255 is a center for 'lost knowledge' and the 'deep and opaque' things . We will continue to captivate our audiences not for our own boasting but to enlighten the world and give you all a 'real' Sword to fight with. So to speak.

We equip every one of you with tools necessary to make the next transition in your life - without stubs, skin pricks, and obstructions. We obliterate obstructions - we have mastered the art of health and technology.

Our revolution is coming, bear it with us.