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Here I am going to start my nights logfile for the Neural Impulse Actuator *herein referred to as the NIA* by OCZ. I just recieved it today.
OCZ's Neural Impulse Actuator marks a new era in gaming. A pioneering foray that takes the first step toward total immersion into your gaming experience, the NIA is compatible with any PC game using keyboard input, past, present or future. Predefined....
The preceeding quote is from the back of the box, *pictures forthcoming once my battery to my camera is done charging* and outlines the potential ease-of-use for the device. I've read perhaps a hundred reviews on it, and they all say one solid thing about it... it's got a steep learning curve. I won't keep a video log on it, but I will keep TF updated on my success or failure with this device.

nia Game Controller OCZ Technology
LOL I been researching this for a long time, it's actually not the only device like this, but it's the only one with the functions like this
Ok, my initial thoughts on this are HOLY BOVINES! this thing going to take me *as it took most people* a week to get manageable, and much practice later to get this thing down pat. controlling the inpulses *eye, muscle, and waves* is very difficult for me right now. I can make the display bars go up and down, but I can't control them... i.e. I can't make them hover at a point, I can't control how much input I'm giving them. it's going to take some practice!
one of the first steps to getting used to the NIA is an old fashioned game of pong. so far, I'm getting better, but the best I've done was 3 out of 10 balls won in a match.... still getting used to it... my perigrin glove should be here next week!
The promised pics!
very nice box, one of the nicer ones from my build actually

The nia is very well protected against shaking or rattling around,


I may have it on a tad to tight, but I figure that it will help with the sensors


this is the processing unit on my desk

Blue light indicates that it's working, or should be anyways... had an issue right off the bat with what I thought were the right drivers, but I still forget that I'm running 64-bit now

my desk... the wire coming out from my keyboard is my headset. so far I haven't had any issues using my headset with the unit

When starting the device, it's necessary to calibrate it. this is a screenshot of the nia ui in calibration

and an idea of the size of the ui window... note the yellow line, that's my brainwaves and muscle movement
ok, the next two pics are of me playing pong, hands free!


So there you have it... some more NIA love from the only person in TF crazy enough to get something like this!
ok, for those technofiles out there... just pulled up my first two hour segment of playing almost hands free on Borderlands! to test gameplay *and not mess wtih my higher level character, who is a hunter* I started a new campaign as Brick. The NIA manual warns that gameplay at first can be disorienting, and that was kindof the case for me. after initially testing some things, I was able to manuever passably. there are not enough hotkeys for the nia to do everything, so I still had to use *E* to open things, initiate dialogue, etc etc, and also the Left Shift to sprint, but shooting, forward, back, jumping, all are starting to become second nature. it's INTENSE!!! it's a whole new imersion, my blood actually gets pumping, I get excited, found myself cussing at my screen a few times when things didn't work properly, or when suprised. when I get the last part of my ensemble, I'll record some and post a video in this worklog :D
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