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I have 2 pc's in my house and i want to network them.
One pc which i will use as the host has a cable modem connection using a network card.
Is it possible to put a 2nd network card in this pc and using a crossover lead to network the 2 pc's and will i be able to share the internet connection and printer connection?

P.S. I am running Windows 2000 pro
will windows 2000 configure all of my LAN settings for me or are there certain operations i need to perform to set up the internet connection sharing.
the two PCs need to be in the same workgroup.. set your network settings for DHCP and you should be fine.
When you put the second NIC into your Primary Machine, this is called MULTI-HOMED. You then need to put a Private IP on that card and subnet mask and then leave the Gateway Blank as it will find the other NIC and use it as the Gateway,,,

Now the second machine you would use either a Straight or Xover Cat5 cable and set the IP to the same class as the second NIC in the PRIMARY MACHINE,, sub net mask stays the same,, but the DEFAULT GATEWAY is now the IP of the second nic on the primary machine,,,

1 NIC to cable modem
2 NIC: ip: snm: DefGtwy: blank (cable to second PC)

1 NIC (cable from Primary PC-2nd NIC)
IP: snm: DefGtwy:

This should do if for you,, ensure that both are in the same workgroup and you should have connectivity,,

plus, make sure that your better machine is the PRimary PC,, this way it will be able to handle the through traffic of the second PC,, especially during downloading!

There is no need to do that. just goto command prompt (Start, run, cmd) type "ipconfig". Identify which NIC is using the cable modem. Then open network connections in the control panel. Open the NIC that has your internet connection. Goto the advanced tab and choose internet connection sharing. THen click apply. It will prompt u to accept the changes and allow ICS to change the IP for your second (non-cable modem) NIC. Click ok, and ICS will have the DHCP running for you automatically. No need for static addressing.

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