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********************************10baseT Crossover Cable********************************

Ok, so you've got two network cards, some CAT5 cable, tips, and crimpers, but you can't
get your computers networked because you need a hub. Well this is your answer, I'm
going to show you how to use those NIC's without a hub.

ok, lets start with getting a piece of that cat5, and make sure you have ATLEAST a
foot of extra cable, it can't hurt so just do it.

Alright, now what you need to do is strip off the outermost sheilding from the wire,
on both ends. **TIP** If you tend to nick the inner wires, there is a little piece
of white thread (I call it angel hair, you call it what you like), if you stip off a
little bit of the outermost, then grab that angel hair and pull it down, it will make
a split in the sheilding that will let you pull the shelding out of the way, and cut
it off, basically stripping it. **TIP**

ok, now you have 8 wires staring at you in pairs of two, move 2 of the pairs (I
usually move Brown and green out, it doesn't matter, just do it on both ends.) and
cut those and the angel hair off. Now, keeping the other two pair seperate, untwist
the two wires that make up the pairs, don't get the two pair confused. now, here is
my advised pin setup:

Tip 1:
Pin Color
--- -----
1 Blue
2 White Blue
3 Orange
4 **NONE**
5 **NONE**
6 White Orange
7 **NONE**
8 **NONE**

Tip 2:
Pin Color
--- -----
1 Orange
2 White Orange
3 Blue
4 **NONE**
5 **NONE**
6 White Blue
7 **NONE**
8 **NONE**

ok, once you've got the two tips wired up, crimp them. I advise using an ohm meter to
test the continuity, but you can also just try the cable and see if it works. Take
your pick. If it did not work, check to make sure that you didn't accidently kink
the wire anywhere in the midle, or at the tips. If that doesn't work, check your
continuity with the ohm meter.
That's it. Your set hardware wise, check out the howto section at
for information of software if you don't already have it set up.

Copyright 1999 © and Exegete.
Do i need a router to split my ethernet from my pc to my ps2,
or can i do it like how you described?
not sure try the link at the bottom of my last post, i am not sure, if you are usding a external modem them you would be able to plug usb into the back of that then connect the usb to you ps2 i think alhtough i am not entirely sure
No it wont work using a crossover cable from PC to ps2 because the PS2 does not support internet connection sharing. You would have to use a router to share the connection from your modem to both.
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