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This one might be for eccniv(sp?) since hes the resident broadband specialist, but anyways. My friends and I lan every few weeks and we always have this stupid problem when we are trying to host Counter-Strike games and it ends up only one person can usually host. But what happens is we will go to make the server, and itll make it, but then like 5-10 seconds after its created, it pops up an error message: "Net send package error" or something like that, and then the server crashes. Anyone know what could be wrong? I know youll probably need details of the lan, so just ask and ill try to tell you. thanks.

Network setup would help. The one thing I would think would be a cross platform issue. "Net Send" is an extension of net.exe in NT/2000/XP. It really shouldnt do anything with your CS because it is only a messaging service. Ive never heard of a game that uses it.
lets see....we have a 16 port 10/100 switch, everyone with 10/100 ethernet cards, and i think everyone was running windows xp except for one guy running 98. it seems to happen just about everytime. anything else?
Well, unfortunatley I have not played counterstrike. Not my type of game, but I have a few Ideas and a question. First off, When you get this error, is it coming up in the program, or is it minimising it and giving it to you as a windows error?

Also, does it do the same thing regardless of who hosts the server?

Im pretty sure netsend can be and probably is turned off, do some searched on for info on how to check that its turned on. Next I'd be sure you are using the latest version of he Server program and that all comps have all windows updates downloaded, including SP1. I will do some more checking and see If i can find a more detailed answer.
im not positive if it was in the game or in windows where the message popped up. i know it went out of the actual game, but i cant remember if it was still in the program or a windows message. but im thinking that it was a windows message. ill check on that though.

As far as doing it regardless of who hosts, yeah it pretty much did it with whoever hosted. It would do it almost everytime, but sometimes there was no error. Didnt really seem to be any pattern behind it. One thing i did notice, though, is that it never happened to someone hosting it who wasnt running under xp. So maybe it has something to do with a compatability issue like you said. thanks for all the help.

No prob, I would definitly Run all the windows updates, make sure the XP built-in firewall is turned off, and check and see if there is an updated version of the server from counterstrikes website. That will probably fix all issues. Good Luck!
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