Networking Puzzle


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I have a small hub network of 12 computers. OS is Win 2000 sp4. They are Ghosted from one machine and that m/c was setup to obtain an IP address automatically. However there is no DHCP server on the system, despite this they seem to be getting a correct 10.0.0.x address and are able to access the printer. How is this possible!!!!


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This is normal, But all computers would need to be manually assigned. If you have ever seen a 169 ip, those can work in the same way. If you manually assign 169 ip's to all the computers, you would be able to network them as well. Though I would not recommend it, it is possible. Chances are, its not a hub its a switch. Hence why this is possible. A switch can xfer packets to all computers attached.


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Hi UID=[0]
Thanks for the reply, they are definitly hubs. The 'Network places - properties setting is "Obtain IP automatically" so would therefore need a DHCP server to be running; there isn't one. When using ipconfig in the command prompt they all have a correct 10.0.0.x address, which were the addresses when we set them statically. I'm wondering if somehow, perhaps in the registery there is a way of giving the computer a static IP address even though its set to DHCP, although we have not touched this.
None of the computers are getting APIPA 169 addresses.
Its a real puzzle!!!!
Thanks Glyn