Networking Problem


Daemon Poster
I have two computer networked together without a device between them. At first the two computers both had internet could share files, printers, the whole shabang. But then when i turned my computer off the NIC Port changed from a static IP address to a Dynamic IP Address. Hence no internet on the computer connected to the ICS Host.

This happens every time I turn the ICS Host computer off. I am hoping athlon64fx reads this post cuz I am sure she can help me.


In Runtime
Well most likely it's happening because it's setting itself back to defaults when you switch back from ICS to Standalone (workgroup) network. When you use ICS the primary computer will act as a DHCP server to sent IP addresses to all the computer connected to it. When you originally setup ICS did you configure IP addresses manually? or did you just enable ICS and restart you computers and they just started working? Chances are is that the computer was recieving an IP address when ICS was enabled, and once you disabled it just like any other device your settings will be lost.