networking problem via router (broadband)


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I've been setting up a network for a mate...he has broadband which is plugged straight in to a router (with 4 network point outputs)... one connection goes to a "work" PC which is limited in functionality and we've just put another connection to his "home" pc...

I've deffinately got a internet connection working - as I can connect to MSN messenger and have used PING to ping the website and all that works perfectly...

the problem is that when I load internet explorer every web address goes to the IE dll page which says "page cannot be displayed" - and on occasions it says "could not open search page" in an alert box.

I've done some research around here and the interwebby and it looks like some of the settings might be wrong on the network card or IE? Its wierd because MSN and PING both work??

could it be the cable? I just dont know what to do!!
Ps.. I've also run Ad-aware so there is no spy ware or anyhting on the PC.... he did have tiscali on the computer - but we've removed that...

thanks for any help :)


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possibly settings.

depends on the router.

i know the router i used to have had groups. 4 of em or so. each group you could assign different levels of access to them.

you might also have filters. check the settings on the router. usually or .2.

google "(router name/model) and setup"

cable or dsl?

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Sounds like it can't find/not working DNS server. Can you edit these manual in the router? Try adding records in your hosts file and rebooting and see if it can locate them there.


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also try usign the autodetect in IE. and go to your connection options in IE and LAN settings and make sure the 'suto detect settings" is checked,

also manually enter DNS info
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