Networking Problem "network cable is unplugged"

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I am setting up a network beetween two computers in my home. This is a text layout of how it works.

>------in from cable internet---->NIC Card in Main Computer ------- Out through 2nd NIC Card ---- crossover cable to carry connection ----> client computer

I hope that makes sense, basically Im taking my home cable internet connection, and trying to share it with the other computer. Now I've ran the Network Setup Wizard, and all the settings are correct, but no matter what I get a "network cable is unplugged" problem. Now I have 2 NIC cards in my main machine, 1 that has the incoming net connection (which wortks perfectly) and the other which is supposed to send data to the toher computer. I used crossover cat5 cable to connect the outgoing NIC in this computer to the NIC in the 2nd machine. I know the cable is connected, and it is brand new, no possibility for error (unless the shop owner doesnt know how to prepare the cable right??). Also the 2nd NIC card in this machine is new, and has up-to-date drivers installed. I am completely baffled by this error!! If anyone has ANY idea what is wrong please reply or email me!

Thanks in advance!
I get this error on BOTH computers. Since there is only 2 computers we want to network we decided against going the way of a switch or hub and tried to keep it simple using just crossover cable. I took networking in school and have worked on networks upto 300 computers in size before, and Ive NEVER seen a problem like this before? Im seriosuly wondering if the crossover cable wasnt done correctly?

a few questions for you, and I apologize if I'm being overly basic.

are your subnet masks set up properly? the computer with two nics in it should have different masks (obviously) and the client computer should have a matching mask as the one it is networked to.

what operating systems are you using for the client and service sharing computer?

what communications protocol are you using?

a good way to check the cable would be to switch it with the one you're using for the modem presently. if your connection doesn't work..well, then you know.
The subnet masks are on host and client

Ips are:
Host -
client -

The cable is Cat5 crossover cable MADE by the shop owner, NOT packaged, but he is a very intelligent person and Id be very suprised if that was the problem (but nothing else seems likely at this point)

I do not have another cable to test with, and the distance is over 60ft and runs through my home attic. It will be a pain to take it out tomorow :(

We are not using a hub, switch, or router, jsut 3 Network interface cards and crossover cable.

Both computers are running WinXp and using TCP/IP as the protocal.

Thanks for your feedback in this matter, I have a feeling we will solve this at this rate :)
crossover cables don't always work.. your best bet is to stick a hub in your attic.. Or it could be that he made a pin go wrong.. My dad made the cables for his office.. and he's really smart also.. but he messed up once or twice.
or.. some wire that is in the Actual cable has snapped.. it happened last summer at my dad's office.. i could ping.. but not log onto th enetwork.. and it was a windows 2000
I've seen problems like this before.
In some cases w2k and xp does not allow the second NIC for sharing your connectin when using cable modems.
I do not know why yet, Microsofts ways can be strange, but it has to do with the way you get your IP. Normally the ISP uses DHCP to give you an IP-adress for the first card. To share the connection you have to set up a "sort of" DHCP-server on your local machine which obviously is not allowed. :rolleyes:
You could probably use fixed IP on your local net and get a communication but then the Internet sharing part does not work as it seems to demand the use of DHCP.

I've seen one way around this and that is through the use of a Proxy on your main computer.

My suggestion is this:
* Stop the Internet sharing mechanism
* Set fixed IP on the cards for local communication
* Verify if communication can be achieved this way

If this works, try to find a proxy SW to run on your main computer but beware the problems related to security.
Or, If your main computer are a server and you do not care about internal communication, just connection sharing, try to configure it for NAT.
if all three nics are on the subnet, that will cause the problem you are having. the nic in the host that is using the modem must be on a seperate subnet.

I agree with Raween though. Lets pick a protocol and lock it down (namely, TCP/IP) so that you can achieve communication between the two machines. Then lets worry about sharing the internet connection.

So come up with a number convention for your IP addresses, on the client/host cards. Set your subnet mask to something other than (maybe on the card using the internet connection and see if that will get rid of the connection error.

I have a feeling that once we establish proper communication it'll just be a matter of setting up a proper service on the host machine to share the connection.
First off, Thanks to EVBERYONE for all your help guys :)

I went to the shop and told them what was up, and they gave me a free 2nd cord to check that the cable was working, and believe it or not, the cable WAS faulty. The 2nd cable worked immediatly and both computers are now sucessfully networked :)

Thanks again so much for your help guys! Its good too know if I have another problem I have a good place to get quick and well thought out answers :)

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