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I have a networking question for all of ya. I have been working for about 6 hours on this issue and I seem to be missing the fix. I think I am overlooking a setting or something or maybe something is wrong somewhere I need to find.

I have a home network with 3 computers. There is computer called "Laptop" "Brett" and "Chris". Laptop and Brett can both see eachother. But Chris cannot see Laptop or Brett. Laptop and Brett cannot see Chris either.

All computers have the exact same settings. Brett and Chris are both Windows XP Pro Machines and Laptop is Windows ME. All have Client for MS Networks, Client for File and Print Sharing, and All have TCP/IP Protocol.

I have compared the settings on Brett with Chris countless times trying to get them the same but to no avail. I think I have looked at every networking setting in Windows XP.

Could there be a hub or router problem? I have switched the cables on my router around to make sure it wasnt just that port and no success. I switched the cables of Brett and Chris to see if that made any difference. Brett was still able to see Laptop but Chris was not able to see anyone still.

Does anyone have any clue as to what is going on here? Maybe something I have missed...Something I could try.

At this point Im desperate. Im about to throw everything out the window to the dog. :)

Thanks in advance!
Ok, on this network, are you using a cable or dsl modem to share internet connectivity through the router? If so can "Chris" Access the internet?

Are both Chris and Brett using the NTFS File system?
Ok, We use a DSL modem and "Chris" can access the internet just fine. Thats what is even more confusing.

Im not quite sure what NTFS file system is. Im assuming that if it doesnt come with windows XP than I dont have it. I havnt installed anything like that.

Chris and Brett are both running Windows XP Pro.
Chris can see himself as well. Its like this one computer is on its own network separate from the other 2. All have the worgroup MSHOME.
NTFS is a partitioning method for larger harddrives. It can support partitions up to 2 Terabytes. In Windows XP you can just click the drive in My Computer and it will tell you what file system you have.
I have seen an issue like this with XP...

BUT first make sure that the TCP/IP settings are all in the same neighbourhood,, so to speak,,

I would assume that you are manually entering IP's ,, probably the old line,,, ensure that the subnet mask is the same too,,,

You have internet access with Chris = good sign, ethernet is working, so is router,, cables are good as you have swapped them,,

Try this,, move the CHRIS machine out of MSHOME,,, enter another workgroup name,,, reboot,,, then add CHRIS back to the MSHOME,, ensure that you have file and print sharing settings correct ,,, PLUS,, CHANGE THE NAME OF "CHRIS" to "CHRIS1" or whatever you prefer,,,and then,, reboot

check the network again,, this could take more than one attempt, I have PAID (F*%k!!!!) support at MS for an explanation, and they could not provide me with a CLEAR answer why this type of issue arises periodically,,, NIIIIICCCEE!!!

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