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Welcome to the Computer Networking & Internet Access Corner of Tech-Forums.

Please read the Guidelines if you are new to the community.
Please also be familiar with the new Infraction system that was put into place when the site was upgraded in March of 2007.

Updated: April 2nd, 2007

Before you post a new thread...

...utilize the SEARCH button which can be found at the top of the page. Take note that if you use the search button, you may find that someone else has already posted about a problem similar to yours, and a resolution may already be available.

...check the Networking Tips, Tricks & FAQ sub-forum for FAQ's that may answer your question(s). To Facilitate your search of the FAQ's, check out the Networking Tips, Tricks & FAQ Index thread which has links to each thread in that forum.

...note that when asking for assistance in troubleshooting an issue, the more information you can provide, the FASTER and more ACCURATLY our members can assist you to resolve your problem. Many times, a member will vaguely state their problem, not giving any details about their network.

NOTE: Be specific with your thread subjects. It will help others if they have a similar problem, as it can facilitate their search through the threads. Avoid non-descript and off-topic subjects, as well as bashing/flaming of products. Use the subject as a brief overview of the issue, and explain the issue within the thread. Inappropriate and non-descript thread subjects will likely be edited by the Moderators.

Here are some good things to include in your thread when requesting assistance:
  • Specifically what the trouble is... Ex: internet down, file sharing, printer sharing, latency, trouble with a specific application, port forwarding on a router, etc. etc.
  • Model numbers of equipment being used, such as modems, routers, access points, switches, etc. etc. etc.
  • Identify if drivers or firmware has been upgraded prior to the problem
  • Network Topology - describe how the equipment is physically connected together
  • The number of hosts on the network, and the number that are having trouble
  • Did the problem arise after changing hardware/software anywhere in the network

After resolution of your issue...

... please post what the fix was to your problem, or identify who's suggestions was able to fix your problem. This way, if another user has that same problem, they can proceed to use the same fix.

Also, please be respectful of your fellow Tech-Forums members. Flaming will not be tolerated.

Questionable Posts

If you find a post/thread to be offensive or breaking the forum rules, (such as SPAM, or blatant harassment, etc.), please utilize the Report this post link located under the body of the post, under the user's name. The icon is a small tri-angular sign with a red border. After reporting the post, reply to the post to show that it has been reported. If you see that a post has already been reported, there is no need to report the post again, or post any replies. The forum moderators will take necessary action with any posts/threads breaking the forum rules, and posts/threads that have been reported.

HELP! Where is my post??

If you have a post that you are not able to locate, it could be that it was moved by a moderator to a different forum. What you will want to do, is click SEARCH, and put your username in the field on the right (says Search By User Name). Another way to do this is look at one of you existing posts, and click the search button that is to the right of your profile button, as it will automatically search for your forum posts. It is also possible that the thread that the posts were a part of was deleted or moved to a moderator only section.

Your compliance is greatly appreciated.
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