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I take my Net+ exam on the 29th. Any words of advice?

I think that I'm pretty ready for it, but there is always something that you miss.
Study up on the obscure stuff. From what I hear, they like to throw that crap that you havent heard of in 10 years.
very simple.. as long has you have a basic understanding of networking and the basic network hardware you will ace it. :)
Nice Job!!

Can you come set up my network...

It's 4580 computers 3205 running linux redhat 9.0 1000 running sco openserver 5.5 300 running Windows Server 2003 16 running win2k pro 58 running Win NT 4.0 and 1 running Windows 3.1 for workgroups?

I need all static IP's, and all of them connected to 1 central printer/scanner/copier/fax/webcam.

hahah just kidding, i'm bored. :p
WOHOO! Gratz man, now if I can just get motivated to go take it.
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