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Ok I am able to access my network to my other pc almost all the time on occasion if I have been doing alot of activity over the network I will get the following error

Insufficient System resources exist to complete the requested service

and I have to reboot the pc to access the network again or wait about 10 to 15 mins and then I might be able to access the network! what is going on and what can I do about it

I am running a

P4 2gig
1 Gig ram
128mg video card
blah blah blah


Crash1hd :cool:
Could you be a little bit more specific on your setup please? As in, specs on your server, the computer your accessing, your type of network (P2P or Client/Server), what kind of network activity, your NIC speed (10base or 100base), cable type or wireless, etc etc. There's really not enough to go on in your original post to make any kind of educated suggestion.
Well I am running the 2 pc on an idx/sdx connection running a dlink router 604 but I had to return the router as it was broken lol I now have a linksys router and I love it! and the nics are 10/100base running at 100 :)
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