Network Slowdown


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Hey guys,

I was looking for some information in the internet but I could not find it and I am hoping some of you guys can shed a little light. I have a router that I use to connect my laptop (mac osx) wirelessly and I also connect my desktop (w xp) via ethernet connection. My question was that if my wired connection (ethernet) can slowdown my wifi connection. For example, Will opening a lot of programs (downloading heavy things, etc) in my wired connection affect my wireless wifi? Or are they unrelated? I am using one of the Netgear routers, and using DSL. Thanks a lot! :D


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I think your network slows down if you are using the internet like downloading/uploading etc if your just playing games or listening to music or on MSN then it wouldn't slow down.


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yea slowdowns will occur. its one shared network, so you also share the internet, so if one person is downloading a lot, then the other persons internet will in theory be slow, or slower than it was before. just depends what you are doing really.