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Here's the ethernet speed.


Unfortunately I found two bad ethernet ports on the modem so I had to use the port the Dell laptop from 2010 running Windows 10 was plugged into. That one will get the USB ethernet adapter as it is only dual core 2 gigs of RAM I think and not really good for much.

I got a question though.

Will a USB ethernet adapter be fast enough for streaming?

I may have to use the other PC for now with an HDMI capture card for streaming until I can get a gaming PC or laptop then I'll move the capture card to the current PC and use that to stream with the faster PC or laptop used for Fortnite.

Alrighty then.

I used the second ethernet port to connect the second PC and after figuring out how to bridge the connections I don't need the ethernet switch.

However the upload speed on the main PC then drops to 0.57 Mbps, but on the second PC it is 10.26 Mbps. Not sure why. However the fast upload speed is where I want it though.

Heck yes. Just downloaded OBS to the second PC and it took less than 10 seconds.
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