netgear WGR614


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hi, this is on behlaf of a friend so sorry for lack of details, they not so good with them.

Well they have to computers that connect wirelessly to ther router, and has been working fine for ages. but now they cant connect to internet, or rather access the wireless signal.

on one computer it comes up with a box saying along the lines of need wep key. when they have not needed one before!! any ideas!!

thanks alex!
A WEP Key is security, as if they set up security so other cannot use their wireless connection for a laptop, or handheld gaming system.

Check if it has a wep key, or if they have set one.


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Well not having much experience with this exact router, I would say that they should probably upgrade their firmware Here and then on a computer that is wired to the router, if any, go into the routers properties and rerun the wizard that is built it. If they dont have any security setup on it I would defiently recommend them settingup WEP or even WPA if the wireless cards in the other computers support it.