Netgear Hardware and Software


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This might be a dumb question, but is there any way to use the wireless router without using the NetGear software?

I keep getting BSODs with WG311T13.sys(or .dll, I forget).

I uninstalled/reinstalled, and chose for Windows to run the wireless router, and there is this icon in the bottom right taskbar, it looks like a little computer with a green moniter, and antenna on top of it, when i put the mouse over it, it says: "NETGEAR WG311T is connected to NETGEAR 11_g" so that is obviously causing the bluescreens...

Anyone have any ideas? :eek:


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Yeah, I never used the disc that Netgear provided. I just plugged everything in, turned it on and it automatically started setting up. All I did was plug in login info and password for my AT&T Yahoo! DSL account and BAM! Done. :)