NetComm and My Net Fone making VoIP possible for home/SOHO users

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Recently NetComm and My Net Fone has made it possible for the home or SOHO computer user to gain the saving of Voice over IP. VoIP as been around for a little while. However due to support reasons, a lot of the manufactures like D-Link (and a few others) does not want to launch this product out on to the consumer market.

This has now changed thanks to NetComm and My Net Fone as they have released a VoIP service that is so simple to set up.

The only thing that you will be needing is Netcomm V100L FXS VoIP Gateway with 1 phone port, Ethernet WAN connection and then connect it to any spare eithernet port that you might have to your DSL or Cable Modem Router at one end, and Telstra compatible analogue handset at the other end.

From there, all that need to be done is to register your NetFone account, and with in 24 hours you will be able to make out going phone calls at a cheaper rate.
THe other cool advantage is that you can directly dial to another My NetFone account and pay nothing at all.

Finally, for those people that do require incoming calls, you can pay AU$15 per month to My Net Fone to get a Public (PSTN) phone number.

RRP on Netcomm V100L FXS VoIP Gateway with 1 phone port, Ethernet WAN connection is AU$129. And this give you $5 phone credit.

Also for those notebook computer users, there will a USB Phone that will be getting introduced onto the market by the end of June 2005 / early 2006 with will allow you to take advantage for VoIP technology via any internet hotspot.

The other really good thing is that there is NO contracts, NO connection fee, NO minimum spend.

These things are perfect for any one that makes a lot of phone calls. Especially if you are using a lot of those phone card services where the signal can be rather bad from time to time.

Second phone like with out having to pay for the line rental or the line installation. Or getting stuck on a contact.

This would be perfect for any one that is a share house arrangement as I am very sure we have all had those fights over "Who has been making X amount of phone calls".

So those people that move house to house a lot. It means that the only thing you need to transfer over is your broadband plan.

So in the end, VoIP is not just there for the big corporates. The home user and SOHO user can finally take advantage of this technology too.
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