Net_Packet SendError: No Error!!! GRR...

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Daemon Poster
I have wireless RoadRunner that works awesome when I surf the net and dl things. But when I get on CS, every 10-15 minutes or so it exits me out of the game completely and says: "Net_Packet SendError: No Error" I have to completely go back into CS.

I have tried tech support on RR, they say it's the game problem, not my internet, and I agree, because it ONLY happens when I play CS that I get this packet loss.

I have uninstalled my QoS Packet Scheduler completely, I have set the [vcache] in my system.ini file, I have re-formatted my computer, I have changed rates, NOTHING WORKS!

Please someone shed light on this issue or CS and my computer are going right out my 2nd story window.
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