Nero Restoring data problem

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Hi ,

I have backup some data with Nero6 and formatted the winXP machine. This was my first backup with Nero. Now what I am facing the problem in ,I don't have .nbi file which is needed to restore data.

Are there anyway around to restore data? Itcould be so much helpful. Thank you.
When I open the CD . It has 2 files and 1 folder

folder= 20050205_135624_Backup1
files = NB and Readme.

In Readme file It has written: This media contains a part of backup cretaed with Nero BackItUp. See for more information.
Backup name : Backup1
Date of creation : 02/05/2005 13:56:24
Disc number : 1

NOTE: The backup information file (*.nbi) is copied on the root of last backup disc. This file is used to restore or continue a backup.

where, The problem is I don't have .nbi file.

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