Nero Is all over my computer like chicken pox


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I am no good with computer programing. in fact you might say I am very ignorant on the subject so just a heads up. If you will please take the time to help me, then explain it to me like im half retarded.

K so I got my computer out of the shop and of course it wasn't fixed like I asked. All I wanted was my 40gig hd ghosted to the new 1tb along with a performance tweak, and virus removal.

Now when I put a dvd in to watch a movie media player wont work. So I did something very stupid and downloaded Nero (still didnt have sound). Cds play but movies have no sound. Now the free trail expired and I cant delete the stupid program. Their is 505 files on my computer that have something to do with nero.

I did d/l Revo but it only took nero out of the add or remove list. So I did a search and the 505 files came up. I tried to delete them and it wont let me. Now Revo doesnt see nero at all. Im screwed. Please help.


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If you're sure all the files are definitely just Nero related (and presuming there's no uninstall program) then try booting up into safe mode and then deleting them from there.

At the end of the day though if you took your computer somewhere to be fixed and it wasn't fixed, your best bet would probably be to take it back and ask for them to sort the problem out!