Nero Btc 4012 writer and cheap media

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basic system,
Duron 700
64 mb ram
8 gig hd
gigabyte ga-7ixe4
Btc bce4012im writer

Problem is that using cd clone 4 I can copy anything with the writer using cheap mirror cd-r. Using nero is almost impossible, it tells me there is no media in tray when I try to burn a compilation. As the burn screen appears in nero error message appears telling me to insert blank disc into writer ( there already is a blank cd in !! ) tray opens and I close it again but it still will not see blank cd.

The cds are rated to about 16speed the btc writer is a 40x max writer. I have no problems with these cd-r in my 24x nec writer.

Could it be that these cd-r are just too dodgy for the new btc?
just try fireburner, cdrwin and easy-cd-creater before replaicing all your brand of cdrs..
anyways, if it don't work... trade those cds with a friend that have an other kind.. maybe his will work on yours and yours will work on his (happened to me once. my burner wouldn't accept a kind of cds, but my friend's burner burnt em perfectly)..
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