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Okay, here is my question...I have a cold cathode in my case, and I just bought a sound-activated neon today , and I can just barely see the neon flashing with the cathode on. Does anybody know of a setup where I can see the cathode light, and the neon flashing? Or did I just waste my money?

Help is much appreciated.
Yea I really shouldn't have bought the neon. (I should have just bought a cold cathode sound activated module) but I think I will move the cathode somewhere else. But for now, I just have it turned off.
Thanks for the help!
Maybe...wire the cathode so it is outside of the case?! Meh..just my creativity calling. Remember the fridge idea?
Hey...I might try and put it outside the case. But whats with this "fridge" idea? I haven't heard it.
lol....i remember the fridge case now. I would try it if it wern't for the whole condensation thing. But I don't think it will happen for me anytime soon.
By the way, I tried putting the cathode outside the case, and it is so bright that you cant see inside it. I may try and put the neon outside. Thanks again for the help
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