Need WinME Driver for Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 (MP3+, Gamer)

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I removed this card from my high end machine and want to install it in my wife's WinME machine. When I went to Creative Lab's website, they do not offer a driver to download for this model for WinME.

If you buy one of these cards, their system requirements specifically say WinME is supported. But maybe I'm just confused.

I have a support request in to them, so I will eventually get the official word from them, but hey -- maybe one of you have a faster way to solve my problem.

Appreciate any help y'all might give me on this. My wife is driving me nuts 'cuz she has to hear the sounds when she's playing WORDOX!!!:rolleyes:
Thanks for trying, but actually it is the same problem at your site as ours. Digging in deeper, the model number is SB0100, and when I do the search for that, i come up empty handed.

These guys are pretty tricky -- much of the differences in product have to do with software bundling. Guess they're trying to make money at this. Novel thought...

Thanks again for your help!
I got a reply from Creative. Here it is:

"Unfortunately this is an OEM sound card and you would have to get in contact with Compaq to see if they have any drivers. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Thank you!!"

So now to dive into Compaq. Wish me luck. I think I've been hosed, once again!
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