Need video card help please

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Okay just got a new card

SIS 315 AGP 2/4x 64 Meg w/TV out
Win XP

The card works great, tv out works great, I't was nice watching The Two Towers on my big screen. I've run Nintendo 64 emulators and Playstation emulators perfectly, no problems with DVDs or anything, but...

The first problem I noticed was, UT2K3 wouldn't load, It would get halfway to running and then crash, a popup would come up saying something about a directx problem "a bug" and to install directx 8.1b or higher. I installed the directx that came on the UT2K3 and same problem, I installed directx 9.0 and still the same thing. Dam, so no luck with that game.

I next installed hitman 2, the game ran but veeeeerrrrryy slowly, choppy frame rate etc. so i said fuck it.

Next, BF1942 game runs great untill the mission actually loads, then just crashes. bam...

Sim City 4, wont even run at all? WTF?

I have the latest drivers, running the card at AGP 4x (Just moved the jumper over to 2x to see if that helped, It didn't), I have no idea why this card wont work for my for games, I checked every review etc. I could find before getting this budget card and everywhere I looked this card got a ton of love for a cheapie?

WC III Just comes up with a black screen that i have to Ctrl+Alt+Del/End Task out of? I'm at the point where I'm about to reinstall windows just to see if for some reason that works :(

This sux

I don't know can anyone help me out here, or even any advice? TIA
I dont even know what chipset the card is based off of, ut it sounds like a clean re-install is in order.
Okay the PC is a home made

KS75A Mobo 512mb PC133 Amd Duron@1000Mhz (running @995 lol) Case is pretty well coooled. Video card is a PCChips SIS 315T (based on the SIS 315 GPU)
Nothing is overcloced.

I just noticed that when I play Warcraft 3 it just resizes it, It won't display on my pc but if i have it on tv only or tv/vga I can see it on the Tellie. If i manually try to resize my display to anything higher than 600x800 I can't see it and it seem this is what WC3 is doing, kindof sux cuz a had a crappy TNT2@16 MB that could play WC3 on my vga just fine...

Also Max Payne works but it's kind of crappy unless i play it in 400x600(whatever :)) @16 bit

Still trying more games, I have a few around here so I figure if i can get any others to work maybe I'll be able to figure out what exactly is the prob?
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