need to find out who broke into my email

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Does anyone know if it's possible to find out who is accessing my email account? I recently noticed that someone broke my password for the AOL account and loggs into it from somewhere and reads my emails. It's probably someone I know or knew because that's all they do: just read my mail and then mark it "keep as new" so that I don't know they read it.

There must be a way (a software, etc) that will let me find out where they are logging in from or their IP address. I have my suspisions and if it's the person I think it is, she's not connecting through a modem so her IP should always be the same...

Does anybody know how to do it, or could direct me to where I could find more info on this?
I do not exactly know how you can deal with this, but a good suggestion would be to change your password. :cool: .
Change your password ASAP if you have not already. Contact AOL, they should have some way to track the location of the logon to your account. They (or you) should then ask them what actions can/shouldbe done. It depends if this was a severe break in or not. If AOL and the appropriate authorities find the person that broke into your email account, you can press charges, if you want. If it wasn't sever at all, then little can be done charges wise. Change your password, contact AOL.
You've probably tried this, but the password recovery (depending on what it is) sometimes works for retrieving lost passwords. That is, if who or what hasn't changed the personal info.
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