Need To Dump my Windows XP-home System how do i do It

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Hey guys I need help, I am a first time user and don't know how to dump my computer and start fresh, can someone help me?
um... I just have one problem with this answer, which is that it is always best to destroy the partition, reload it, and then reinstall XP. Plus, I'm not sure if that DOS program has access to the NTFS Master Boot Record, beings that XP OEM has the drive formatted in NTFS, isn't it?

Correct me if I'm in fault.
Thank you so much for the help you guys. I might have downloaded a driver for my cd-rom that messed it up. I tried to roll back the driver to the previous one, but no luck. It is really wierd, the computer recognizes the hardware in the (Device Manager) And even loads it when the computer boots, but when I put a C.D. in, it won't load, I can't open any files on the C.D. Hmm, so it reads the hardware, but it won't autoplay or read anything when i put the cd in. I'm thinking software issue? Or maybe Bad CD-Rom. I just got the thing 6 months ago. it is an A-open 56x. I tried to go back to settings about that time, and no luck. That's why I thought if I wipe out and start over I might be able to rule out a hardware issue. By the way everything is connected properly. It just stopped working :( ...Any Advice

Incapacitated CD-ROM ....very sad
thank you for all the help guys, very appreciated

Please if you could help me out..........YOU DA MAN!
Another thing that can't hurt is to go ahead and delete the CD drive in Device Manager, and reboot. May work, may not. Before you do this, make a system restore though.
I checked the manufacture's website, and in the customer forum, literally every post was complaining about the model cd-rom I currently have...they said it just stopped working, and the driver that they supply is dos based, which obviously does't work with I have to get a new CD-ROM, any suggestions.......and also is there any way to completely dump my hard drive and restart windows, do I have to multi disk boot using the microsoft support website or can I just start over with my WIN-XP @home Disk.......thank you for the help you guys.....Big time

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