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I have two dells with the same exact problem ( go figure ) They both had missing the Windows/System32/Config/System file..i managed to restore them both with the command boots...then both of them get the lssas.exe (system error)" When trying to update the password, this return status indicates tha the value provided as the current password is not correct"..the computer doesnt even stay on long enough...maybe just 5 seconds..ive read that this might be the sasser worm...but des anyone know if this is a legitimate system error...or just a virus in disguise.


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the lssas.exe is a Trojan there's a process called lsass.exe which is legitimate.

If you cant even get into your computer via safe mode or into windows then any course of action seems futile. You could get another hard drive install windows and try to clean the other hard drive with spyware, virus tools. Or format your computer.


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Follow these instructions carefully

Download ALL 10 programs and update if needed.

Ad Aware SE Personal Free

Ad-aware Messenger Service Plugin

Ad-Aware VX2 Cleaner Plug-In 2.0

Spybot Search and Destroy Free

Windows Defender 2 Beta





Follow these steps

Delete the prefetch folder C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch, this folder will come back on next reboot.

Delete all cookies and temporary internet files in the control panel, Internet Options.

Go to Start, run, type msconfig, go to startup, disable everything except your antivirus, Firewall, click apply, don¡¦t reboot yet.

Download Msconfig Cleanup below

Msconfig Cleanup

Run Msconfig Cleanup after you unchecked the items you were told to uncheck and recheck, click "Select All", then click "Clean up Selected", then click "Quit". Make sure your antivirus and firewall are not checked.

Now run each Spyware program 1 by 1. Running all 3 at the same time will slow most systems down.

When each program has finished scanning, remove everything.

Now go to the recycle bin and delete everything that is in it.

Then run CCleaner „² make sure you run the Cleaner section of Windows and Applications and then the Registry Cleaner. Make a backup if you wish while running the Registry Cleaner when it asks you.

When finished with the scans, reboot, and go into Safe Mode and run these scans again, remove everything they find, and then reboot back into Windows in normal mode.

Then run HiJackthis!

Save the log, copy and paste the log on
Do not attach the log, copy and paste always. This will make things go much faster.
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