need some oppinions im stuck in a rut =(


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ok so as i mentioned before i have round 143 bux ininhouse credit with from previous RMAs im stuck with this decion

i either want to get the Logitech Z-5300e 5.1 PC Multimedia Home Theater Speaker Set (already own x230s) they are 130.95

or i want to get Logitech G5 USB Gamer Laser Mouse and the Logitech G15 USB Gaming Keyboard the total for that with shipping is 166. and some odd sence prolly the same with speakers no i have a 7 year old gate way keyboard and a mouse but im having trouble dicideing id love to have souround sound and id also love a new keybaord and mouse that mouse is 46.95 on that site keyboard is 81.99 would like some inout plz

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get the mouse and keyboard. Surround is cool, as long as you actually set the speakers up correctly. But a new mouse and keyboard will enhance the overall enjoyment of your computing experience. :D