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k well Im leaning towards buying a new HD.

I have a 150 WD raptor, and here are my options.

1. Buy identicle HD and RAID 0 them.

2. Buy a bigger 7200 RPM drive and use that for storage and put games and OS on the raptor

Or I know this is out of the blue, but I could buy a really cheap 7900 GT and volt mod it again and go SLI.

but Im kinda leaning towards the HD.

I dont really have a budget, Its just my uncle is helping me out by splitting the cost.


My intial thought was to RAID the raptors but the more I think about it im not sure.


Or buy a full tower case...

not sure...

I know im being real general but im just not sure.
I would go with the full tower case and a cheap 200/250GB hd, your not going to see a lot of speed difference even if you RAID 2 raptors... they scream already... :) besides.... more room gives you more options later on... :D
If you'r going full tower look at the 3D Aurora, i've got it over a month now and i'm not sorry at all that I bought it (It was a decision on the spot which I was really afraid i'll regret for later on but... the regret has yet to come!! hehe )

I think what nukem suggested is the best, maybe a seagate barracuda?... those aren't that costy i think.... depends how much RPM and GB.. and they never failed me.

ok so 2 voted for another raptor...

God I really want to upgrade from this lexa, its pretty where to hide wires...but its pretty sexy after I finished I was with it :D

But yeah man raptors in thats fast...

any more ideas?
Yep :D
but Yeah I think now im leaning towards a full tower case...

becuase I have alot of wire trouble with this case and full towers obviously help alot.

ugh so many possibilites.
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