need some advice! :'(

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alright resently, about 3 months ago i upgraded my CPU to a sempron 3000+ socket A card. i honestly did not notice much diffrence from my 1ghz proccessor it replaced.

hear comes the problem, supreme commander!

as soon as i hear about this game, i regreted buying the enw proccessor on a died socket.

the proccessor is not really the problem, the problem is that all i can upgrade to is an AGP slot GPU. im looking at the 300 dollar 7800SG cards and hearing that on PCI-e slots even the 7600 out perform the 7800s on AGP!

i was devistated! just spent 120 bux on a CPU i dont even want!

is it really worth it for me to upgrade to a new 939 socket mobo get a new proccesor and then the 7800 GPU? costing about 600 dollars

or just upgrade to the 7800sg AGP card


soupman said:
i dont want good i want really good lol

Then stay away from Sempron. Sempron -> Gutless, only for internet surfing.

An AMD Athlon/Pentium 4 would be excellent for any type of demanding application. They cost a bit, but its worth it.

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I would recommend using an socket AMDII it is the newest and sometimes it even costs less for the same processor but on 939 socket and it even supports DDRII
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