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Ok heres the situation :)

I have two computers on a network. They are also sharing the same wireless internet connection (but the network and the internet are separate). However, the computer I use is not the one hosting the wireless internet, but it is the computer which has most internet using programs on (games, msn, xfire, skype etc.). The problem is, now that we have a wireless router, I cannot use many of these programs properly due to the ports not being open. However, because there are two computers on the network and it is the other computer hosting it I am unsure of how to open the ports to make it work (ie. which IP to use). Also, I am unsure if windows firewall (which is active on both computers) might be blocking programs running on this computer despite the fact that MY windows firewall allows it, as it is the other computer, which does not run the same programs, that hosts the internet.

With me so far?


Basically I have looked everywhere but I need to know if firstly windows firewall on the other computer is affecting this, and if so do I simply have to open the ports on the firewall, and secondly how to configure my router to open the ports on MY computer, even though the OTHER computer is running the internet.

If anyone could offer advice i'd be eternally grateful :D :D

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I don't quite get what you mean by hosting???? We had 3 computers on wireless at the place i work and none of them are hosting.

I think you just need to set each one up for it without a host.


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Ok I don't know if I get what the problem is but I will take a stab at it. What you need to do is open your browser and type in the ip of the router by default its into the URL. It should bring up the router page. From there you can configure the router. BTW if you don't know the user name or password its prob username: admin password:admin. This configures the router, which is separate from all computers on the network so you only have to do it from one of the computers.

In regards to the windows fire wall thing, I think it also might have something to do with that, but it will prompt you to allow or deny the program to connect so if you just follow that prompt to either deny or allow then you shouldn't have a problem with it.
Hope that helps if I miss understood you sorry... lol


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What i mean with 'hosting' is that one computer is linked to the modem BY CABLE the other WIRELESSLY. Both computers use the same router and the same internet, but only one is using the programs that need the open ports.

I know how to access my router, but it asks for an IP. I do not know WHICH COMPUTERS IP to use.

And the router isnt separate for each computer. If i add a port on one computer, and then access the router from the other computer, the port change I made is still visible.

All I need to know is what is blocking my programs, whether it is windows firewall, the router, or both, and which IP to use when configuring my router.

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First of all, you should have your modem behind the router so that you can share the internet connection through the router to both computers. You shouldn't have any problems doing it that way. Turn the router firewall on, and turn off windows firewall and you should be all set.

The IP you need to use is the IP of the router, which by default should be depending on what router you have, it may be different. Check your documentation.