Need Ram Advice B4 RMA Please...

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Ok.. i have 2x256 ddr ram dimms.

1 is a Rosewill pc2700
1 is a Viking pc3200

used for a celeron D 533fsb, so thy are faster then thy have to be.

i only have 2 different dimms like that because i got deals on them and were hoping thy would work together.

But thy appear that thy will not work together. If someone has advice for me that might get them working together, B4 i RMA 1 of them. That would be very helpfull.

i have already done the following....
- each dimm memtests good
- each dimm works by itself... i tested both dimm's indevidually in both slots, so its not a slot problem.
- i turned bios timings from 'Auto' to 'manual' and set the timings, but same outcome.

If you also believe that these Dimms will just not work together because thy are simply incompatable please post that info aswell. Thx.
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